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Message to our speakers with a profile on the previous site

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Dear Speaker,

some of you may not have received our previous communication by e-mail and might be surprised to find a new website here instead of their familiar Speakersbase. That's why we address this message to you.

Speakersbase has made the shift from a free and open speakers' community platform to profile yourself to a booking agency for curated #virtualspeakers. That is the reason why your profile has not been transferred automatically within the new Speakersbase.

However, on you will find the 'old' site until July 1st in order to download and recuperate your content if you like.

Because we got requests from our speakers' community to be able to keep their profiles, we are considering keeping the site up and running. We will inform you about this shortly.

If you are a #virtualspeaker and interested to be represented by our booking services or other services - like our video catalogue for masterclasses and other video content, then feel free to contact us.

Please read carefully to get an answer to all your questions.

Thank you for your trust all this time!

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