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How to lead a team remotely ?

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Leading teams remotely is one of the biggest challenges that many #leaders and organizations are facing today.

Are the principles of effective leadership and team management still the same?

How can you maintain peak performance, ensure wellbeing and keep your team members engaged when working from home? This is a huge task for any manager.

That’s why Speakersbase has combined the expertise of specialists Tony Crabbe, Ann De Bisschop, Mahdi Brown, N.D. & Henri Cnops in this unique 🔹 Online Inspiration Journey 🔹

including 4 live webinars and a wrap-up workshop.

Get to know :

👉 how to lead your #hybridworkforce or #remoteteams effectively

👉 ensure good team #collaboration and #performance

👉 how to increase the sense of #purpose

👉 how to cultivate #trust

👉 how to strengthen #teamcohesion

👉 how to detect #stress with your team members from a #distance and how to approach a co-worker with stress- or burnout symptoms

👉 how to ensure #wellbeing with your co-workers when working from home

Want to know more?

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