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The Marketing Success Summit for Translators

Monday, 25 March 2019


"The Marketing Success Summit for Translators" is going to take place ONLINE later this month and it is FREE! Mark the dates: March 25-27, 2019
3-days event, 15 sessions by 15 translation experts.
It is FREE! Don't forget to register here:

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March Monetization Madness

Friday, 1 March 2019


I was interviewed by lovely Ina Coveney about my two passions translation and mentoring. Really loved answering those questions, find out more in the following video.

✍️You may find more about this podcast here: & podcast here: & here:

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Webinar: Let's expand our client list; thus our business.

Friday, 15 February 2019


Client Acquisition
with Virginia Katsimpiri and Nicole König
recorded FEB 15, 2019

All you want to do is work magic on words all day.

Finding an audience to cater to and taking them from Hi to Buy is the pain of your existence and can get incredibly stressful, especially when you feel like you're invisible among the online crowd.

This coffee hour wants to provide an overview into defining and extending your audience. Get seen. Build trust. Grow sustainably.

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Friday, 16 November 2018

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

New year (2019), new goals: Client List Expansion
Optimized client and cash flow: Let’s expand our clients’ list, thus our business.

Coaching translators on clients’ list expansion techniques (agencies & direct clients) Personalized approach.
Q&A Session

You will learn: You’ll walk away from this workshop with your personal blueprint on how to expand and nourish your list of dream clients. Virginia will teach you strategies, techniques, and the fine print when it comes to an ever-growing list of great clients.

Building bridges between colleagues of all backgrounds and niches, providing an opportunity to develop both business and translation skills, in-depth CPD in workshop form throughout an event set in a city that is both uniquely “tranquilo” and buzzing with a zest for life:

This conference truly is one of a kind.

Born from growing interest in the Las Palmas Meetups and the quest to promote relevant professional development and active network relations, we are looking at a premiere in more ways than one.

Make the most of your November and finish your business year on a high note. Join us in Las Palmas!

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1st Greek Conference for Translators & Interpreters

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Hellenic Chamber of Commerce, Athens, Greece

"Mentoring for Translators: thinking at the next level!" for the 1st Greek Conference for Translators & Interpreters

You may find more info here:

The Panhellenic Association of Translators (PEM) joins forces with the Ionian University’s Department of Foreign Languages Translation & Interpreting Studies (DFLTI) to host Greece’s first ever professional T&I conference in Athens, on 30 September and 1 October 2017. The title is “Translation & Interpreting in Greece and the international market: the step forward.”

We are proud and honoured to have Dr Henry Liu, FIT President, as our keynote speaker, on this very first UN Translation Day.
The conference will invite the country’s most interesting speakers to focus on practical how-to solutions in key thematic areas including:

• Contemporary toolkits for international translation projects
• The role of university and continuing education and training in the professionalization of T&I
• Training our clients
• The implications of Greek government policies, and business models that work in the country’s continuing tough economic climate
• Prevailing against ‘low-cost translators’, machine translation and intermediaries
• Sector-specific challenges in Translation & Interpreting.

We warmly invite all translators and interpreters working in Greece or from, to or through Modern Greek to attend. The conference language will be Greek with interpretation available from/to English. The Conference’s registration portal will soon be open, and a poster and programme are also going to be out shortly.

All enquiries are very welcome. Please contact us at for further information on attendance and sponsoring opportunities. See you on 30 September 2017 in Athens!

Source text taken from FIT’s, Translatio publication. To visit the conference website, please click this link.

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