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Thursday, 8 November 2018


TobTalks are short, powerful, and – above all – inspirational exposés by expert speakers. For our second edition, Lean Vertical CTO Dean Bodart took the stage. In the presence of dozens of Tobians, he zoomed in on the benefits of big data for cost-efficient software development.

Check out the aftermovie:

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Polteq Late Night

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Polteq Leuven

Today, we are obliged to develop and release software increasingly faster. As a company, it’s a MUST! You can’t stay behind on your competitors, but you also can’t release buggy or invaluable software into production either… right? How do you handle the speed of today’s market? How do you continuously create and release WELL-CRAFTED and VALUABLE software to production? What does well-crafted actually mean and what is valuable? What does “future-proof” stand for in the software business?

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Brightnight: QA In Scaled Agile Environments

Thursday, 8 June 2017


After our first successful edition in March, this second BrightNight will focus on “QA in Scaled Agile Environments”, by Dean Bodart, CTO at Lean Vertical.

You’re very welcome if you want to learn all about incremental quality, QA, BDD and Autonomous Automation in Agile environments, or if you simply like to enjoy some tasty snacks and drinks while talking to equally minded people!

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