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When 21-year -old Benjamin Feys got arrested with 14 kg coke at El Alto airport (La Paz, Bolivia) on Christmas Eve 2011, he felt nothing short of relief. “I had known for a long time I was in a dead end”, he says in his autobiography 'More than Coke'. “The huge amounts of money, the models, the private jets: it couldn't fill the hole in my heart. I had become this cold, calculating stranger: I didn't even like myself”.

We often imagine coke dealers being born criminals, but Benjamin Feys grew up an only child in a secure and loving middle class family in a remote part of Flanders. Talented and driven, but unable to fit in at... Read more




Dutch, English


Creativity, Drug Abuse, Overcoming Fears And Obstacles, People Experience, Reinvent Yourself, Leadership, Inspirational Speaking

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