About Baldwin

As a Business Development Innovation Strategist, Baldwin helps businesses and professionals clarify their message and design effective business development strategies that get results in an increasingly distracting world of information overload.

I believe that innovation only works when the benefits are easy to understand!

His specialty is to turn complex value propositions into messages that your clients, colleagues, and stakeholders will listen to.

For more than 25 years Baldwin has been active in the finance and education industries, working with professionals around the world.

He lives and works in Brussels and Madrid. More information about his programs can be found on www.BaldwinBerges.com




Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish


CLARITY - Understand What Is Inside The Minds And Hearts Of Your Clients To Better Understand Your Business., BUSINESS 2 HUMAN (B2H) - About Building Stronger, Real Human Relationships In An Increasingly Virtual World., VIRTUAL HUMANITY - Our Technology Is Evolving Exponentially But How Do We Make Sure We Don't Get Left Behind?, BUSINESS 2 HUMAN (B2H) - About Building Real Human Relationships In An Increasingly Virtual World.

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