Tom De Wachter

Turning companies into an employer of choice.

Tom is en expert in employer marketing and the CEO of Insilencio. He turns companies into employers of choice by helping them find their employee value proposition and expose it in internal communication, recruitment communication and employer branding campaigns.

Being an employer of choice has become a strategic goal these days. Engaged employees attract loyal customers.

Need the inspiration to become a strong employer brand or offer a great candidate or employer experience? Then book Tom's webinar (talk version or workshop). He will send you home with tons of insights, best practices and tips & tricks.



Dutch, English, French

HR & Company Culture, Business, Strategy and Management, Post-Corona Future


Speaker, Trainer, Moderator


Employer branding, Candidate experience, Employee experience

Presentations and Topics

How to turn your company into an employer of choice?

A 45-minute talk or 2-hour workshop full of insights, best practices, tips & tricks on how to build a stronger employer brand, a great candidate experience or employee experience.

Building a strong employer brand during and after COVID-19

We're still in strange times. Times that will force us to reinvent the way we build our employer brands and reshape the candidate & employee experiences. Or not? Can we stick to the plan, or must we change it? This talk will provide you with the right answers.

How to unlock inspiring leadership and boost your employee engagement?

An engaged employee will take care of a happy and loyal customer. But engagement is more than just 'going the extra mile'. It takes inspiring leaders that are able to come with a compelling story that connects vision, strategy and culture. This keynote or workshop will help you awake the inspiring leaders in your organisation. And have them walk the talk.

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