Olivier Van Duüren

After 22 years as a Microsoft international, Olivier envisions future proof strategies to perform while transforming and builds tailor-made startups for Corporates.

An international public speaker, trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, startup builder, transformer, innovator, active investor and author, Olivier is a thought leader on personal and business transformation, innovation, human behavior and on the impact of the changes around us on our society and industry. ‘The world is my playgarden, Europe my future, Belgium my country and Flanders my home’, is his life motto.

In September 2016 Olivier launched The Dualarity (www.thedualarity.com), a business and a book, on how to find the balance between performing and transforming, leaving you with a regained sense of spark.

After 22 years working in the senior international executive ranks at one of the world's most successful technology companies called Microsoft, he has a unique perspective on the intersection of innovation, transformation and human behaviour in the B2B and B2C space.

He is an active innovative investor in 9.5 Ventures, a ground-breaking pre-seed fund, building tailor-made startups for innovating Corporations addressing the customer of tomorrow. He sits in the board of The Park Playground (Telenet-mixed reality), Avail (Torfs-fashion), Filou BCO Oostende (basketball) and Maison Slash (Next Generation parents).

Olivier is part of the Visual Senseformers helping organisations to envision & visualise a future proof strategy and culture, ready for the digital age. Through a combination of inspiration, co-creation and visualisation they reflect on the why, what & how of personal and business transformation, they visualise your current state, your future desired state & built the bridge to reach that future state.

Olivier is a professor at the Zigurat Business School for Technology and Innovation, guest lecturer at the Vlerick Business School, Thomas Moore, VUB, RUG and a member of Speakersbase, SpeakersAssociates and Key Persons of Influence UK (KPI). He publishes in Newsweek on a monthly bases.

Olivier works with global, regional and local organisations from startups, scaleups, medium to large organisations.



Dutch, French, English

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The Supply & Demand macro-Trends Digital, Consumer, Demographics, Socio-Economic, Geo-Political, IR4.0, the Green planet, live with Covid Its Impact on Society, Industry, The Future of Work Impact on your Industry.

Understand how to Respond  -  Personal and Business transformation

-Perform while Transforming Succeed in your Transformation: Customer at the Heart, People as the Soul and Digital as the Oxygen. All aligned to your company’s purpose, ambitions and culture.  Stay young, hit re-fresh and re-imagine your Business Strategy and CultureBuild an innovation strategy and culture to iterate, innovate or disrupt Balance operational excellence (perform) and innovation excellence (transform)  Future Proof your culture, organisation, leadership and peopleUnderstand the core Principles and Strategies to Transform while Performing  Learn from Startups and Incumbents.


SHOOT FOR THE HEART, CAPTURE THE MIND AND END WITH A SMILE. Communicating your ideas is the currency of today to evolve your personal and business brand.

Testimonials & References

As keynote at our flagship event on intelligent urban transport systems and vehicles, Olivier provided vital inspiration at this time of deep change in the mobility sector. With his passion, he was able to capture the audience, delivering an impassioned and engaging speech. I have no doubt that his energy stimulated the room, challenging us as individuals, professionals and a sector as a whole. It was also a pleasure to work with Olivier who is highly professional, accommodating, organized and gracious.’ 

                               Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General

We are in the midst of unprecedented transformation of the world as we know it. As people and companies seek to navigate the pace of change, look to The Dualarity – an exceptional insight for those seeking guidance on how to lead your life, maximize your business, and harness innovation for good.”

                                  Carolyn Everson, Vice President, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Olivier has written an excellent book on how people and organizations can Transform themselves during a period of unprecedented disruption that has only just started. The book itself not only explains the Dualarity, it also practices it by successfully balancing inspirational examples with very pragmatic frameworks and models. You will walk away from the book energized and ready to apply Dualarity principles to yourself and your organization.” 

                    Norm Johnston, Global Chief Strategy & Digital Officer Mindshare, author Adaptive Mktg

It was a great pleasure to have Olivier as full day keynote speaker and workshop owner at the Executives’ Global Network Future of Work Member Event.  Our 90 C-Level members (CEO/COO/Fin/HR) present were delighted by his presentation, which was very insightful and thought-provoking. Straight after the event, I immediately recommended Olivier to my General Manager colleagues in the 14 remaining EGN countries.

                                            Pia Hinz, General Manager EGN B.

Olivier provides an insightful view on how the digital era affects our society. Singularity implies that we are just at the beginning of a makeover journey of our society, companies and ourselves. ‘The Dualarity’ makes the counterintuitive case that for all the digital change, we need to work on transforming ourselves. Olivier helps you understand your current position in the cycle of your life and provides a powerful model for self-development. It is the next chapter in your search for happiness. Only then can you hope to empower other professionals or managers in transforming the organisation. The Dualarity is a timely written book: personal balance is a condition to sustainable business success”.    

                                          Duco Sickinghe, managing partner Fortino and former CEO Telenet

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