Henri Cnops

Executive Mentor. Passionate Keynote Speaker with humor. Combines rational thinking with deep human behaviour knowledge.

Henri Cnops is an entrepreneur with experience at the executive and board level within the IT and new-media sector, from Hardware to Software, Offline to Online, Technique to Human Resources. Henri has been performing in general management positions with international responsibilities (e.g. 10 years at Apple). He has been in the driver seat of start-up, take-over and external financing for several companies. Henri has been instrumental in integrating different cultures and leading change. Human Capital Management and the way people evolve has always been his focus point and passion.
He holds a Master in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), an MBA from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), is certified in NeuroScience (INM Brussels), and a certified coach by the Leading and Coaching Academy (LCA) and the International Coach Federation.





French, Dutch, English

Mental Resilience & Wellbeing, HR & Company Culture

Speaker, Trainer, Moderator, Executive workshops

Building Trust, The intelligence of stress, Building Mental Strength in Golf, Mentorship, Human behaviour, Limiting beliefs perception

Presentations and Topics

The 6 dimensions to measure and build trust

'TRUST' is a suitcase word. People tend to see trust as a dichotomic YES or NO concept. Understanding the 6 fundamental dimensions that are part of trust help people to better understand themselves, seeing the roadblocks between people, and put the right things in place to increase trust and build 'feeling good' and top-performing collaborations.

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