Guido Everaert

Storyteller, marketeer, writer. Likes to see things differently and comment on it.

Storytelling, talking about storytelling, and telling stories. It's what Guido does and what he likes to do. Guido has built a living out of speaking and teaching. Both internationally and locally, on the importance of telling good stories that stick. It's about emotion, ratio and structure. It's above all about adding value, to your business, to your event, to your people.



Dutch, French, English

Business, Strategy and Management, Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience


Trainer, Speaker, Moderator


Storytelling, Pitching, building 'the tone of voice', Getting your message across

Presentations and Topics


Stories build brands and organisations

Why do we need, use and love stories? Why are they so important in the digital arena and how can organizations benefit from them? What is needed to make good stories, how can you become a better storyteller?

Storytelling gives depth and credibility to modern-day brands and organisations.

Organisational storytelling is dead if it is not endorsed by CEO or owner. Storytelling can be used in HR, in corporate and leadership communication, in marketing communication and for presentation purposes. Even Jeff Bezos agreed on the last one, his staff was at one point forbidden to present powerpoint; they had to bring a story....

What is needed for a good story (or a pitch presentation) and how shall we make and tell them? It’s about crafting the story and building the structure, and it’s about bringing the narrative to life.

You will get an overview, examples, techniques, insights and tips & tricks to help you make the perfect pitch for your project.

Content of the talk/workshop:

  • Why storytelling

  • Storytelling in the digital era

  • The function of a story

  • Crafting the story: Content – Audience – Structure – telling

  • Delivering the story

  • Techniques and scenario’s

  • Tips & tricks, Focus points

Who benefits from this talk or webinar? 

That's an easy one: communicators! And not only the communication department but everybody who needs to communicate and wants to strengthen their message. 

Testimonials & References

'During his session, I was engulfed with a spiral of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I recognised. It was a rollercoaster of fun and examples, and in the end, I consider him as a 'leader by example' in the field of storytelling.  

Mieke Geertrui De Ketelaere (program director AI, Imec)

'Guido is an inspiring speaker, with lots of empathy and a great sense of humor. A real communication professional, with respect for his trade. Communication with a soul!'   

Philippe Gosseye (Senior director Marketing EMEA- Dell EMC)

'Back by popular demand! We appreciate Guido as a speaker and a trainer, both for our staff, our students and international guests. The talks and trainings are entertaining and to the point, and they score immediate result! A true professional.'

Bernard Smeenk, (Policy Advisor Internationalisation, Faculty of Business and Economics,  University Amsterdam)

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