Dirk Schyvinck

Successful marketeer, sociologist and expert in longevity and aging.

Dirk Schyvinck is a trained sociologist and marketeer with a long and successful track record. He has held various national and international management positions in media, marketing and banking.

In his book "What if we soon turn 100?" he shows himself to be an advocate of urgent social innovation alongside technological innovations.

His inspirational and motivational speeches have already inspired many marketeers, HR managers and other senior managers about the longevity economy and the role of diversity in the workplace.





Dutch, French, English

HR & Company Culture, Mental Resilience & Wellbeing, Business, Strategy and Management, Post-Corona Future, Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience

Speaker, Moderator

Longevity economy, Living longer, Life Long Learning, Life Long Skills, Age management, Intergenerational workfloor, Innovation & aging, Working longer

Presentations and Topics

Innovation for the longevity economy of tomorrow

Innovations are not only a matter of youngsters for youngsters.

The longevity economy of the 50plus is a new emerging market with an underserved generation of wealthy people. Discover new opportunities for innovations during this talk, aimed at an audience of market experts, marketeers and innovators

What will you take away from this webinar?

- Reaching new 50+clients

- Inspirational innovations

- The secrets to build an age-friendly business

Longevity: how organizations can prepare for the age of longevity

Organizations and generations: a new look on 10 trends impacting the future of work.

Human capital does not stop at a certain age. Demographic shifts will force us to think differently about age and generations. Living till 100 means longer working with an intergenerational workforce. 

How can HR-managers, Team- & Line Managers prepare for this shift?

They will get insights about:

- The future demographic shifts

- The disruption in the 3-box lifecycle of learning, working and retiring

- The impact of lifelong learning and other lifelong assets for a longer life

Resilience for a long and happy life. De 5 do's!

Longevity will impact how we live, work, learn and retire. And we are not prepared for it. 

Dive deep into your own future and discover the assets for the rest of your life. Active life management for employees of all ages and people want to reinvent themselves.

Takeaways for your employees: 

- Longer living = working, learning and relaxing in another way

- Longer successful living = active management of personal assets

- Longer happier living = 5 to do’s

Testimonials & References

"Dirk Schyvinck makes you think about the fundamental changes that a longer life expectancy will do to our society, and to ourselves" 

Bart de Waele, CEO of Duke & Grace  

"Within HR policy, too, an inclusive vision is needed in function of the plea that we all need to work longer and more flexibly. Dirk Schyvinck outlines a wake-up call for all business leaders who ignore the potential of older target groups." 

Sarah Steenhaut - Director Callebaut&Co

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