Dado Van Peteghem

Leading expert in the digital sector, frequent speaker, author and entrepreneur.

Dado is a founding partner at the transformation advisory firm Scopernia, and co-founder of startups Social Seeder and Speakersbase, giving more than 100 speeches a year on topics as digital transformation, innovation and ecosystem thinking. Dado studied Communication & Computer Sciences at the University of Ghent and is a published author of 3 business books: "Digital Transformation" (2014) with Jo Caudron, "Corporate Venturing" (2018) with Omar Mohout and "Metasystems" (2020) with Nils van Dam. Dado actively helps organisations with their innovation vision and strategy. As a member of the strategy committee of leading fashion group Chalhoub Group in Dubai he often spends time in the Middle East and Asia.





English, Dutch

Technology, Transformation & Innovation, Post-Corona Future, Business, Strategy and Management

Speaker, Trainer

Ecosystems, Transformation, Innovation, Growth, Partnerships, Corporate Venturing, Digital transformation

Presentations and Topics

Digital Transformation: beyond the hype

Digital has fundamentally impacted our lives as well as the way we need to operate our businesses. New products, new services and new service delivery models are coming to maturity faster than ever, accelerating the pace of change and disrupting the economy as we know it. Agility is the name of the game. The time has come to structurally transform our businesses into the digital age. It’s time for enterprise to adapt… But how?

Metasystem Mindset: how to build trustful partnerships for growth

Organizations are constantly reinventing themselves to stay relevant in this hyper fast moving market. Unfortunately, most of the innovation is silo’d, everybody is trying to reach the future alone. Why don’t we connect the dots and start working together to create shared value & generate a larger network effect? How can you build trustful partnerships and leverage collective imagination, while working towards a 'more than for profit' purpose?

Corporate Venturing: igniting collaboration with startups

Whether you are a large corporate or an upcoming player in the market, if you want to keep up with pace of the market there is need for speed. Working together with startups, like speedboats next to your mothership, is a way to drive faster innovation. Learn how to deploy corporate venturing as a strategy to accelerate growth.

Testimonials & References

“Working with Dado was a great pleasure! Dado showed us a presentation who was like smoking a cigar : you enjoy it from the start to the end! He is a dynamic and passionated person with a creative mind who can help you with different projects. If you never lived it, please do so as soon as possible.”  


"As usual great presentation by Dado. Only positive feedback received by the Audience. Dado is inspiring, funny, master his subject and his a great presenter." 

Christopher Franskin  

"We invited Dado at our Health & Care Network Event to speak about trends, innovation and digital transformation in healthcare. A fantastic presentation that inspired a very heterogeneous group. Dado can challenge people and gives everybody energy tot think outside the box! I definitely recommend Dado as a keynote speaker." 

Ellen Vanhoof Coordinator, Health & Care Network

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