Bert Van Wassenhove

Venture publisher guiding innovative and transformative concepts to become sustainable companies.

Bert Van Wassenhove is not a book publisher, but a "venture publisher", with significant experience in marketing and digital media – and by leveraging his network – Bert helps people and organizations take an innovative or transformative concept and turn it into a sustainable company.
Authenticity is always a key value in his undertakings.





Dutch, French, English

Sales, Marketing & Customer Experience, Business, Strategy and Management, Technology, Transformation & Innovation, Post-Corona Future

Speaker, Moderator

Entrepreneurship, Building companies, Startups, Scaleups, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Innovation Strategy

Presentations and Topics

The essence of innovation from Woody Allen to Leonhard Cohen

Inspiration and Hands-on advice to kickstart innovation in your organization.

It’s clear that innovation is crucial for the long term success or even survival of an organization. But how do you initiate and nurture positive change in your organization?

In his talk, Bert Van Wassenhove uncovers the recipes for success in innovation and transformation. Senior executives and managers will appreciate this presentation for its motivational effect and the practical application it offers. The recommendations serve as a guide and inspiration to kickstart innovation in their company. In the presentation, the audience learns that curiosity, an open mind and especially a lot of hard work are the basis for innovation.

After this talk, the participants will have a clear view on how to start and they will know how to avoid failure in the innovation and transformation process.

Transformation from within, innovate through intrapreneurship

How to leverage the talent within your organization through entrepreneurship, without losing control.

Innovating and transforming requires a leap of faith. This makes the need for maximizing the chances of success for innovation and transformation processes in your organization all the more crucial. Your own team will be central to this success.

In this talk, Bert Van Wassenhove presents a comprehensive approach for managers to support their teams in generating ideas and for motivating their people and teams to step up as intrapreneurs. All of this has the final objective to maximize success in innovation and transformation.

After this talk, the participants will have a clear understanding of how to make intrapreneurship work in their organization.

Transforming to a data powered organization and enabling Artificial Intelligence

How to generate relevant data and set it to good use through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The future is data-driven and artificial intelligence relies on data. How do you transform your organization to make data an integral part of your modus operandi.

In this talk Bert Van Wassenhove starts from a clear focus on the customer and how he or she thinks in the different stages of the customer journey. With this in mind, you learn how to tackle a transformation program to grow your data capabilities. To fully leverage the generated data, he also delivers a four-stage approach to make AI work for your organization.

After this session, the participants will have a clear view and practical framework to start mapping out the data-transformation for their organization. With the “LEARNING" format (please contact us for more details) they get the opportunity to have their work challenged and fine-tuned with the speaker.

A trip along the yellow brick road of new organization models

A journey along a variety of alternative ways of working, managing and building businesses, from the network economy to sociocracy 3.0

Over the past decades, thinkers and entrepreneurs have devised new ways of working, alternative approaches to management and entrepreneurial strategies that are better adapted to the fast pace of change of the business world. Should you transform the way you run your company accordingly?

In this talk Bert Van Wassenhove takes you on a journey along innovative organization models such as cooperative enterprises, new approaches to managing teams based on agile methodologies and ways to future proof your organization through a network model. Don’t expect textbook methodologies you can implement right away, but rather an inspirational trip for the transformation of your organization.

After this talk the participants will have formed an idea of which (if any) of these new models is applicable to their organization.

Develop your go-to-market approach with the Marketing Strategy Canvas

A step by step guide to developing your marketing strategy for a digital world.

Digital channels have turned the way companies and brands go to the market upside down. This true paradigm shift requires a different strategy development process.

With the Marketing Strategy Canvas as a guide, Bert Van Wassenhove shows the participants the in's and out’s of how to define the core message and how to translate it into an actionable strategy.

After this session, the participants will be able to bring clarity and vision to their marketing approach in the digital world. With the “LEARNING" format (please contact us for more details) they get the opportunity to have their work challenged and fine-tuned with the speaker.

Testimonials & References

Bert is a very inspiring person, bringing out the best of you and your ideas. If you have an idea and want to know how good it really is, Better Call Bert.  

Bert has a true talent to identify new opportunities created by technology and to get people enthusiastic about them. Digital Geek, he doesn't only speak but acts.

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