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Nick Vinckier is digital consultant at consultancy agency Duval Union Consulting, where he helps clients build effective, hands-on, digital business and social media strategies. Various earlier experiences, his entrepreneurial attitude and digital expertise make him "The New Digital Wiz Kid on the Block" at the age of only 25.

As first employee/business developer at online ambassadorship platform Social Seeder, he helped to grow the client base of the startup, set up the product roadmap and had his share in both coining the term and giving conceptual/strategic body to 'ambassadorship marketing' in Belgium, together with Patrick De Pauw,... Read more




Duval Union Consulting


Dutch, English


Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Snapchat, Growth Hacking, Personal Branding, Corporate Innovation, Business Strategy, Content Marketing, Content Marketing Strategy, Digital Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Startups

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